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About Us

Staley Masonry takes pride in punctuality, our schedules and deadlines are always met no matter the size of the project. We also believe that quality craftsmanship has been the key to our success. We help our clients bring their visions to life by providing assistance in all phases of the construction process including design ideas as well as installation. We help homeowners and contractors alike get the job done on time and within budget.

The owner Dylan Staley started his masonry career by serving a 4-year apprenticeship which included the best on hand masonry training available in the state of Michigan. After he earned his journeyman card, Mr. Staley went on to work in the commercial field for a total of 13 years before venturing out into the residential sector. Dylan earned a Certificate in Construction Supervision from Washtenaw Community College. Since 2013 Staley Masonry has become a house hold name synonymous with quality in the masonry field. We believe hard work and attention to detail has been the cornerstone to our business success.

Green Building Techniques

Staley Masonry promotes green building techniques for our environmentally conscious clients. As a parent, Mr. Staley is always conscious of the future of our planet. Staley Masonry offers our clientele "Green" structured building plans which minimizes if not eliminates the use of fossil fuels in the building phase. As masonry products are locally manufactured the delivery of these products and the BTUs used to produce these products are more environmentally efficient than using milled lumber. Feel free to ask about our Green Building techniques.